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YMCA Youth Soccer is an organization to help grow and cultivate young student's spirit, mind and body.  The learning of important skills, reinforcement of positive values, and having fun while playing are essential elements of the program and shall be considered more important than winning or losing.  We strive to always put the growth and benefit of youth first, to maintain a balanced level of league play to the best of our ability, and to create and preserve a Christian environment for the players and their families to thrive it. 


1. SKILLS - we teach the basic skills and progress with more advanced skills as the player ages.  We believe that ball control and dribbling skills are the essential of a great player.  

2. ENJOYMENT - we encourage players to compete for fun and enjoyment of playing the game and expect our coaches to show this same level of enthusiasm! 

3. WINNING - we encourage everyone to do their best, while keeping winning and losing in perspective.  We teach players to be humble winners and gracious losers.  Understanding that they will need these skills many times during their lives! 

4. FAIR PLAY - we strive to develop good sportsmanship, positives attitudes, dedication and determination among our players and volunteers. 

5. TEAMWORK - we believe that individual accomplishment is secondary to teaching the value of good teamwork, regardless of the final result.  

-in building self-esteem
-teaching social skills- communication, values, human relations
-teaching physical fitness and health
-developing responsibility not entitlement
-creating a fun experience for all ages
-everyone participates
-everyone plays every position and coaches try to play everyone at least half the game


- Teach Respect
- Coaches and Officials are human and most are volunteer.  Treat them as your own family or you will be removed from the program. (Try explaining that to your child) 
-No sideline coaching, let coaches coach
-There is a time and place to talk to your league representatives and\or coaches.  During practice or during a game is not that time.  Express your desire to talk and schedule a meeting or phone call.  
-Be encouraging to all players, officials and coaches.  
-Get to know all parents and coaches and always be willing to help when asked.  

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Pike County YMCA Soccer


Phone: 740-708-3344
Email: [email protected]

Pike County YMCA Soccer


Phone: 740-708-3344
Email: [email protected]
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