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Pike County YMCA Soccer

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  1. I will not yell at officials
  2.  I will not fight with another parent, official, or child.
  3. I will not ridicule anyone involved in a youth sporting event.
  4. I will not encourage violence with verbal or physical threats (i.e., take him down, knock his teeth out.)
  5. I will not curse.
  6. I will not bring my child to a game when they are obviously sick and contagious.
  7. I will not bring my child to a practice if they have stayed home from school sick.
  8. I will not blame anyone after a loss.
  9. I will not immediately run onto the field of play when my child gets hurt, but wait to see if it is serious enough to warrant my involvement.
  10. I will not yell advice to my child during a game.
  11. I will not detail my child’s play following a game unless they ask for my input.
  12. I will let my child’s interest level, not my own, drive their training.
  13. I will put God and spirituality, family, and homework before sports.

As a parent it is your responsibility to set a positive example for your children.  We will not tolerate any abuse towards officials, coaches, other players\parents, or YMCA staff.  We have the right to have you removed from the premise if they rules are violated.  

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Pike County YMCA Soccer


Phone: 740-708-3344
Email: [email protected]

Pike County YMCA Soccer


Phone: 740-708-3344
Email: [email protected]
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