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Pike County YMCA Futsal League

The Laws of the Game

Revised 2019


The court

·        Games will be played on the basketball court.

·        Penalty area will be the area inside the 3pt line

The Ball

·        Regulation size futsal ball


·        Teams must have 4 players total to be able to play a game.  If a team has less than 4 the game will be considered a forfeit, but teams may still split up and scrimmage. 

·        If a team must add a player to the roster for a regular season game the cost will be $10 per game for the added player.

·        Players must be on original roster or play in at least 3 games to be eligible for any tournaments.

·        Substitutions are on the fly.

·        U8 and U10 play 6v6, U13 and above play 5v5


·        Players must have shirt, shorts, shinguards covered by socks and indoor soccer or tennis shoes that don’t leave black marks on the court. 

·        No jewelry allowed, including rubber bracelets and ear rings.

·        Goalkeepers must have different color of jersey and can wear gloves.


·        Each match will have 1 official that will be on the ‘net’ side of the court. 

·        Officials will have yellow and red cards available.  If a player receives a yellow he will be out for 3 minutes but the team can sub.  If a player receives a straight red they will be out for the remainder of the match as well as the following match and the team must play down a player.

·        Coaches of each team are responsible for their own parent fan base.  If a parent or coach gets ejected from a game the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick. 

Game length

·        U8- 18 minute halves

·        U10 and above – 20 minute halves

·        Halftime – 5 minutes

·        Time will only be stopped for penalty kicks, injuries, and lengthy delays deemed by official.


Mercy Rule

·        A team trailing by 6 goals will have choice of adding a player or having winning team play down a player. 

·        A team trailing by 9 goals will have the choice of playing up 2 player or have winning team play down 2 players, or combination. 

·        A team trailing by 12 goals will have choice of 3 player difference. 

·        No forfeit if a team wins by a certain number.

Rules of the game

·        All kickoffs and side kick-ins are indirect.  The ball can be played backwards and must rotate one full rotation.

·        All kick-ins and free kicks must be allowed 5 yards, given automatically.

·        A direct foul inside the box will result in a penalty kick from the free throw line

·        All balls that go over the end line will result in goalkeeper throws instead of goal kicks.

·        All keeper throws or drop kicks must touch the ground before crossing midcourt.  Failure to do this will result in an indirect kick from midcourt for the opposing team.

·        No sliding of any kind.  This includes kicking the ball, not just dangerous plays

·        No offsides

·        Everything else will be in accordance of fifa rules.

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Pike County YMCA Soccer


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Pike County YMCA Soccer


Phone: 740-708-3344
Email: [email protected]
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